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Delectable, Pure farm fresh honey harvested from honeybees that are busy throughout the season collecting nectar and pollen from an abundant amount of distinct sources in Southeastern Washington State. These honeys range from mild & sweet to bold & strong with a series of very distinct impressions sure to please the most discriminating of palates. Choose your favorite or sample them when you purchase our varietal tasting collection.

Blackberry- mild & sweet (fruity hints)

Fireweed- mild with light peppery after tones

Buckwheat- A very dark, bold honey gathered from the nectar of the delicate white flowers of buckwheat grain. A must for genuine honey cake. Gourmets love it.

Alfalfa- Honey gathered from the nectar of alfalfa flowers growing in Garfield County, Washington State. A light and delicate honey especially good for table use.

Wildflower (not pictured) - Honey gathered from the nectar of various wild flowers, flowering trees and shrubs. Ideal for baking, this great tasting general-purpose honey can be used many ways.

Mustard floral (not pictured) - mild & sweet with very distinct impressions (this honey was gathered while honeybees pollinated a crop of commercial Chinese mustard

Varietal Selections

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