"Caruso's Honey Co. is dedicated to old fashioned farm practices, producing only our favorite kind of honey: raw, unprocessed, unpasteurized, and unhomogenized honeys full of sweet flower flavor made from single floral sources. With the most diverse and distinctive assortment of honeys in the marketplace, our company has been caring for honeybees and producing gourmet honeys since 1999. Both distinction and quality are becoming a rarity in our culture. Our goal is to make farm fresh honey products readily available to food lovers everywhere, while still maintaining that old fashioned accord between the consumer and small family farms."

We are devoted to caring for our honeybees with the most natural and earth friendly techniques possible. We strive to preserve healthy hives. Always in search of the most natural and bee friendly conditions available to insure their wellness, satisfy their dietary and foraging needs, and maintain overall well being.

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